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How to Choose the Perfect Tile for Your Home

It could be difficult to know where to begin when selecting tiles for the interior of your home. Not every tile is made equally. They are essentially the same, but there are numerous little variations to take into account when determining the use intended.

Finding the ideal tile at tile stores Brampton may seem difficult with so many options. To assist you in determining your best options, we have compiled some things you need to consider.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Tiles

Types of tiles

Ceramic floor tiles, Brampton, are tough and reasonably priced, but they are also prone to cracking and breaking.  It is strongly advised to use ceramic tiles from groups 4 or 5, which are acceptable for areas with light to medium usage.

Porcelain floor tiles, Brampton, are scratch- and stain-resistant in addition to being thicker and more durable than ceramic ones. Choose rectified or joint-free porcelain tiles for a smooth finish. Use cement grouting to create a clean appearance.

Vitrified tiles, unlike white mosaic tiles, Brampton, are resilient to moisture, stains, and wear. They come in a variety of forms, including glazed tiles with an opaque finish, full-body tiles with a consistent color scheme throughout, soluble salt tiles in a variety of patterns, and doubly charged vitrified tiles with two-tone colors.

Tile size

Make sure there will be as little waste as possible during installation when picking the size. For the living space, dining room, and bedroom, choose larger tiles; the bathrooms and kitchens should use smaller ones. Remember that larger tiles give the impression of space and produce fewer joint lines.

Tile finish

Gloss finish tiles have a lovely mirror-like gloss that reflects light, brightens the room, and gives the house a feeling of space. Because they tend to get slick when wet, glossy ones shouldn’t be used in places like the kitchen or bathroom.

Matte finish ones do not readily show stains or dirt and are non-reflective, slip-resistant, and durable. Additionally, slip-resistant porcelain floor tiles, Brampton, lessen the chance of falling in moist places like the bathroom and kitchen. Choose tiles with a COF (coefficient of friction) value greater than 0.6 for best safety.

A semi-matte or lappato finish are other options. These tiles are non-slip and have a brighter sheen than matte tiles.

Room size

Large tiles from a tile shop, Brampton give a place a feeling of space and openness. The area will appear more coherent if floor tiles are used on the walls, but wall tiles cannot be used on the floor. To survive traffic, floor tiles will have a stronger glaze and more durable construction. Light-colored tiles will amplify the feeling of space in a tiny room. You have more possibilities, from bright to dark tiles, if your room is huge.

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Tile color

Think about the overall atmosphere you want to create in the room you are tiling. Do you want it to be calm and peaceful or ominous and atmospheric? Tiles aren’t typically the center of a room, except you have a focal area like a splashback, but they can enhance other design elements. Choose colors that complement one another in a bathroom if you want to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Choose shades that contrast if you want a livelier alternative for the kitchen.

Choose the grout carefully

We briefly covered grout above, and while we’re not sure if this applies to everyone or if designers tend to obsess over even the smallest details, choosing your grout should not be a last-minute decision. We keep this in mind because the correct grout color and thickness can emphasize or detract from the shape and/or pattern of a tile.

Calculate the cost

Calculate the precise number of tiles needed from tile stores, Brampton, for the flooring, and remember to add 10% waste to the total. To make choosing the floor tiles a little bit simpler, have a budget in mind. Many tiles can put a hole in your pocket. Do not buy extra lavish tiles that cost a lot more than your budget.


Buying the right tile at a tile shop, Brampton can be challenging. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Should you buy ceramic floor tiles, Brampton, or Vitrified? It can be hard to know. By keeping the above tips in mind, you can make the right choice and find the perfect tile for your home.