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Doors are the gateway to the interior of your home. Out are the days of the heavily detailed doors; in are the days of simple, minimalistic European, modern doors. At Best Tiles and flooring, we will provide you with a gamut of options for interior doors that will surely fit everyone’s decor theme and sizes. When you renovate or construct from scratch, it is better to invest in the sleek, contemporary style of interior door Caledon which will not look backdated in a few years and will stand the test of time.

No matter what style, what aesthetics, we offer you doors in every color, size. Whether you are going for a contrasting theme or keeping consonance with wall colors, we have doors in both dark colors and neutral, light colors. To avoid door replacement costs every few years and damaging the wall as a result, our doors come with door handles, doorknobs, and other hardware made of premium materials to last your lifetime. The popular options for interior doors are:

  • Bifold interior door: Great for the kitchen and closets as they are hinged together, moulded from the track; can be folded too.
  • French interior doors: A statement of grandeur and opulence, are perfect for large rooms like living rooms and offices.
  • Flush doors: An affordable option for both classic and modern looks.
  • Moulded prehung doors: Usually installed in bathrooms and bedroom when replacement work is done.
  • Moulded slab doors: These are doors without hinges, knobs, frames, installed when replacement work is being done.
  • Sliding doors: They are space savers, usually installed in bathrooms and closets; come in mirror and hardwood variants.
  • Barn doors: They hang from the top rail giving a rustic vibe to the interior.

Unique Interior Tiles Design in Unusual Colors

Interior tiles can make or break the decor of your home. At Best Tiles and Flooring, we provide a wide range of tiles in various price ranges. Each area needs a different kind of tile depending upon the foot traffic, moisture retention, etc. Porcelain floor tiles, kitchen mosaic tiles are perfect for kitchens as they are harder and less porous. Vinyl flooring Caledon is perfect for bathrooms as they are safe and durable. We have from cheap vinyl flooring to expensive ones as well. For bedrooms, ceramic floor tiles are a safe choice; as they come in various finishes, textures and looks. If you want a natural look, you can go for wooden ceramic tiles or marble, or other stone effect tiles. From ceramic tiles, laminate wood flooring, hardwood flooring, terrazzo tiles, patterned tiles, and natural stones like Italian marble- we have it all in all ranges, textures, and colors.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles in Caledon

Vinyl flooring Caledon is a customer favourite low-maintenance, durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant, affordable, and mimics expensive hardwood, natural stones. We believe in catering to every customer’s needs, from cheap vinyl flooring to luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring Caledon comes in the look of any wood species, various natural stone look, stain, finish. We make sure the right vinyl tiles revamp the decor of your home in every space. We offer vinyl flooring installation, maintenance services as well. Be it a commercial building or residential one, our innovative vinyl flooring Caledon at competitive prices will surely grab customers’ attention for the right reasons.

Interior Moulding Solution with Elegance & Simplicity

Just like shoes, belts add oomph to your look, interior moulding provides elegance with a detailed design to the interior decor. Moulding is fine workmanship that can elevate the grandeur of aesthetic appeal while giving the optical illusion of a taller ceiling. Our expert designers give a unique touch to your custom fireplace mantel, over-the-top wall finishes, columns, crown mouldings, and coffered ceilings.

  • Ceiling moulding: Hiding the joining point between ceiling and wall with opulent, crisp white, or traditional wood moulding is a must for any home.
  • Door & window moulding: Elevate the elegance of any door frame, window, and large entryway with the quality wooden craftsmanship of our designers.
  • Wall moulding: It provides detailed elements to the interior decor while offering unity, functionality, and character to the bespoke interior design.
  • Floor moulding: This one is a practical one, as it hides the gap between wall and floor through beautiful and minimalistic floor moulding.

Transform Your Interior & Exterior Designs with Mosaic Tiles Caledon

Don’t just limit mosaic floor tiles Caledon to kitchen and bathroom backsplash. If you appreciate art, we help you add pizzazz to your home with the help of our bespoke mosaic tiles in various geometrical patterns, colors, textures, formats, looks, 3D, art glass tiles, waterjet mosaic tiles, etc. They are versatile, eco-friendly, add value to your home, low maintenance, and much more- making it the favourite tile to go for designing statement kitchen walls, living room walls,  fireplaces, shower room walls, accented floor, pool floor, and deck floor. With the help of our in-house designers, we help you customize your mosaic tile with a combination of glass, ceramic, porcelain, pebbles on a mesh sheet with our Tile Mosaic Blend Tool. We make sure you leave our store as happy customers with our mosaic bathroom tiles Caledon, mosaic floor tiles Caledon, and much more at reasonable prices.

Newest & Highest Quality Hardwood Flooring Solution in Caledon

The flooring people have opted for centuries is hardwood flooring.  The unparalleled natural look of various wood species is perfect for many homeowners who want to give their homes a warm vibe without thinking about the budget as it is expensive, high-maintenance, and increases the value of your home. Oak, teak, hickory, maple, Brazilian tigerwood- to name a few; we offer various kinds of wood species hardwood flooring in various finishes, colors, and textures.

Our experts will guide you on every step of the research to find the right hardwood flooring suited for your homes; with that, we provide installation and after-sale services as well. For those who cannot afford natural wood hardwood flooring and high maintenance, we offer engineered hardwood flooring. It serves all the purposes of hardwood flooring without the huge pocket binge.

Create the Look You Want by Ceramic  Floor Tiles Caledon

For bare flooring with affordability, durability, easy maintenance, moisture resistance- the only option that you can safely place your bets on is ceramic tiles. Available in a gamut of sizes, shapes, textures, we will help you find the perfect ceramic floor tiles for your home. Ceramic tiles usually come in two types: glazed and unglazed. The ceramic tiles variants are:

  • Glazed tiles: These tiles come in three types of finishes: high-gloss, matte, slip-resistant. Gloss versions are not suitable for flooring. Hand-painted glazed ones in different colors and patterns provide beautiful aesthetics.
  • Mosaic tiles: Made from the mixture of clay and pigment that goes all the through; comes in glazed and matte versions, is moisture resistant, does not chip.
  • Quarry tiles: Due to temperature and duration of firing, these tiles come in earthly tones like red, gray brow; come in hexagon, rectangle, and square shapes.
  • Porcelain tiles: These are extremely strong, hard, water-resistant, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms.
  • Stone tiles: Made from natural stones like marble, limestone, onyx, granite, and slate.

Add Beauty to Your Home by Porcelain Tiles

Made from heated and refined clay, it provides a luxury look with moisture resistance, durability with minimum pricing. It mimics luxury marbles, exotic wood species, industrialized concrete, and oxidized metal, so customers with a low budget can opt for porcelain tiles to make their homes look like a million bucks. Our experts will help you find the right porcelain floor tiles that demand attention the moment people step into your home while standing the test of time with minimum maintenance.

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