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Want to upgrade your floor tiles, or looking for the latest design ideas for tiles? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Best tiles & flooring is a leading floor supplier in Etobicoke, Ontario that is proudly offering an amazing selection of tiles and flooring products to our clients.

No matter you need tiles that will withstand the traffic wear and tear on a commercial premise or want to level up the beauty of your home interiors, we have an extensive collection to suit every project.

By providing top-quality tiles, hardwood, drywall, laminates and interior doors to our clients including homeowners, businesses, interior decorators and builders, we have maintained an industry-leading reputation.

Our Variety Of Products

  • Tiles: Ranging from ceramic to backsplash and natural stone that remains in shape for many years to come.
  • Interior doors: Custom frames are available in the latest styles and designs.
  • Laminate: Flooring that is easy to maintain and does not need an abrasive cleaner.
  • Drywall: A lightweight and high-performance interior walls system.
  • Hardwood: Floors that give your home an elegant and timeless appeal.
  • Baseboard: Wood and vinyl that cover the bottom part of your interior wall.
  • Moulding: Material to covers the joints on floors or surfaces to make them look attractive.

What makes us different?

At best tiles & flooring, our products have a variety of finishes, textures, and performance features. We have high-quality drywalls, mouldings, and tiles in Etobicoke to suit any size or budget project. Shop for our flooring products ranging from traditional, modern, or anything in between.

You can rely on us to get floors with great versatility, easy maintenance, and extreme durability.

Some reasons to choose us to include:

  • Variety of tiles & flooring
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Budgeted products
  • Free cost estimates

If you are searching for the ideal method for giving your home a new look without spending a fortune, you must install contemporary or modern interior doors. Our amazing door designs will change any room in your home and assist with featuring its best elements. When you look for interior doors in Etobicoke, you will go over a couple of choices. What makes our designs so remarkable is the way that they embrace an exquisite European style. When you pick a contemporary interior door, you can be assured that it won’t become out of trend at any point in the near future. Basic, smooth and stylish designs will not seem outdated following a couple of years.

We offer a wide range of interior floor tile choices. Every product range has its own one of a kind cement + terrazzo character and a large number of shadings to improve your floor plan. All of them are accessible in standard tile designs for simplicity of establishment. We are notable for outstanding quality and creative designs for mosaic floor tiles Etobicoke that improve the look of every room they are installed in. We also offer amazing and unique decor ideas and application choices: flooring, wall, porcelain, vitrified, or any other tile type for different areas of the house. Whether you want mosaic bathroom tiles in Etobicoke or interior room tiles, we have the right products for your house. Our wide range of tile options make it possible for you to give the interior any look that you prefer.

We are stacked with a wide scope of vinyl flooring tiles so that you might be able to see which one best suits your needs. Our one-stop flooring shop takes into account a lot of room to show all our vinyl flooring in Etobicoke to our clients in general, making it more simple and helpful for you to observe what you really want without being in a distressing environment. Embrace the polish of tile without paying a lot of money as we offer cheap vinyl flooring as well. Unique vinyl tile permits you to partake in a similar tasteful, customary look of tile flooring for simply a portion of the usual cost. Let our accommodating team guide you through our immense display area and give you proposals dependent on your needs of vinyl tiles Canada.

Prefinished interior moulding profiles add a unique point of interest to any roof, door, window, wall, and floor. Their low-support properties and protection from dampness and bugs are great for restrooms, cellars, and different regions where moisture is a worry. We are a leading tile manufacturer in Canada, which also offers mouldings ceilings, doors & windows, walls and floor. Modern Moldings inside embellishment can change any internal space into a masterpiece. We can make anything, from an intricate custom chimney shelf, strong wall finishes, sections, crown moldings or an effective coiffered roof. Our planners understand where to add the moulding to give the perfect look and achieve an aesthetic appeal. We offer reliable and strong mouldings that go on for years.

Mosaic tile adds ravishing, complex designs to any room, and it’s very adaptable as well. Mosaic floor tiles Etobicoke can be produced using stones like travertine, marble, genuine rocks, glass, metal, porcelain and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, guaranteeing you can accomplish any look you long for. Glass mosaic tiles are particularly helpful for accomplishing an exceptional look since they come in various shpatternsadings, sizes and wraps up. With six ageless shapes and perpetual shading blends to look over, you can make a special appeal with kitchen mosaic tiles, bathroom mosaic, or floor mosaic. Whether you are considering a mosaic with subtle design elements or want something that catches the eyes of every visitor, we have a wide range of mosaic patterns at our tile store, Canada.

We have a wide selection of stylish hardwood flooring. We are dedicated to offering our clients in Etobicoke the best quality designed wood. Our team takes additional consideration to guarantee that the tiles our customers get are perfect, safe, and eco-accommodating. We offer engineered hardwood flooring, laminate wood flooring, herringbone hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, and maple hardwood flooring. Give your house a traditional yet luxurious look with the best-in-class hardwood flooring that captivates everyone’s attention. Hardwood flooring gives a luxurious look yet is a strong and durable option for the house. Wherever there is heavy footfall, hardwood flooring can manage the weight and stay durable for years to come. We offer different choices of hardwood that match the decor of your rooms and provide your entire house an aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic floor tiles are known for their diverse applications and protection from stains and water leaks. Nonetheless, similarly as with each hard tile, they will work better in certain areas and circumstances than others. Perhaps the most remarkable benefit of ceramic tile is its safety from any kind of moisture beneath the surface. Ceramic floor tiles come in two options: coated and unglazed. Coated tiles incorporate a coating, or defensive seal, on top of the tile, that make them successfully waterproof, dampness evidence, and stain-verification. If you’re searching for a flooring option to use in regions with significant degrees of dampness, including kitchens, washrooms, and cellars, a coated ceramic floor is probably the most ideal decision you should opt for.

The most sturdy choice in tile is likewise one of the most adaptable. Get any top of the line look you need with porcelain floor tiles that come in different designs. It is a strong and durable tile that is available in wood finish and other decorative patterns. Special shapes, sizes, mosaics and wall finishes guarantee that there is an ideal porcelain tile for each space and function. Porcelain tiles are entirely tough and durable, making excellence in your home (or even outside) for a really long time in the future. They’re additionally accessible in different patterns and textures that impersonate luxurious vinyl or hardwood flooring as well. As a leading tiles manufacturer in Canada, we offer a wide range of porcelain floor tiles to help people achieve the best look for their houses at an affordable price.

If you are looking for some quality kitchen and bathroom flooring tiles at affordable prices in Etobicoke, Best Tiles & Flooring is where you need to be!

For more information or any queries in regards to our extensive range of tiles or our services, please get in touch with our experts at Best Tiles & Flooring at 905-595-1139 or 905-595-1140

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