What are the pros and cons of installing luxury vinyl tile?

Vinyl floor tiles are one of the best options for your house without the added maintenance cost. While hardwood flooring looks aesthetically appealing, it is the most expensive type of flooring. However, cheap vinyl flooring is a great substitute for the wood style. It provides the same appearance without the heavy cost and the extra care that you need to take in case of hardwood. If you want to give your room a naturally beautiful look without putting a hole in your pocket – then luxury vinyl flooring is the best option you have.

Vinyl flooring is also firm and stable. It doesn’t break easily when you drop something on it. Cleaning and washing is easier than hardwood floors. Today, vinyl tiles are available in millions of textures to complement the look and feel of your room. They provide that subtle hint of beauty without compromising the strength of the tiles.

However, vinyl flooring does have a few disadvantages. It is not a fool-proof substitute for hardwood flooring. In this article, we will highlight the top pros and cons of installing luxury vinyl flooring in your house. We aim to help you make the right decision between choosing vinyl tiles and hardwood flooring, enabling you to save money where required.

Pros of installing luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are relatively cheaper than luxury hardwood flooring. They are an excellent choice for different types of rooms. Here are the pros of installing vinyl tiles –

1. Easy to install

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is that it is easy to install. In recent times, it is a DIY initiative, as the tiles come with a self-adhesive vinyl. They are available in small planks that can be placed without any hassle. You can place them with ease.

2. Extremely affordable

Vinyl floor tiles are extremely affordable as compared to hardwood flooring. If you don’t want to compromise on the look of wooden flooring but also want to spend as little as possible, then vinyl flooring is the best choice. You can opt for exotic looking tiles without putting a hole in your pocket.

3. Low maintenance

Vinyl tiles are scratch resistant and spill proof. The vinyl material is such that you can easily remove any spills that may occur without leaving a stain. You can install vinyl flooring in high traffic rooms because it does not get affected by scratches and things dropping down.

Cons of installing luxury vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles may be affordable and easy to install but they have certain limitations. There are a few disadvantages that may discourage you from purchasing vinyl floor tiles for your house. Here they are –

1. Difficult to remove

While luxury vinyl flooring is easy to install, it is difficult to remove. Once the adhesive hardens, the back side becomes hard to take out. If you want to replace existing vinyl tiles with new ones, it would be a challenging task.

2. Offbeat hardwood flooring

While cheap vinyl flooring may make you happy, it won’t capture your imagination. Vinyl tiles cannot match the appearance of the traditional hardwood flooring. They don’t provide as much value as the conventional tiles that complement the rooms with their perfection.

3. Damage susceptible

Luxury vinyl flooring is not entirely safe from damages like scratches and spills. While it is extremely durable, there are chances that heavy items dropped on the floor will damage the flooring. However, it is extremely difficult to repair the vinyl flooring once it gets damaged. That’s why people who frequently change tiles tend to avoid them.

We hope that these pros and cons of luxury vinyl tiles will help you make the right decision about whether you should choose them or not.