8 amazing small bathroom floor tiles ideas of 2023 you can steal!

If you are planning to renovate your small bathroom and are confused about the selection of tiles, then you have arrived at the right place. We have compiled a list of great bathroom tiles options that will help you make the right decision. From all-time safe and smart options to the newest trends in the market, this list has comprehensive bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. Keep scrolling down for our roundup of top bathroom flooring tiles trends of 2023.

1. Graphic Patterns

If you like tiles having intricate detailing, something inspired from the spas and hammams from Morocco, then a bold graphic pattern can be a perfect option for your small bathroom flooring tiles. Accent tiles with geometric patterns, either in beautifully contrasting colors or muted shades, look amazing as bathroom floor tiles.

2. Matte-finish Tiles

These tiles make a strong style statement in a subtle way. They are not right-in-your-eye and overwhelming like the glossy ones, which makes them ideal as bathroom flooring tiles. Water stains do not stay on matte tiles and they are very easy to clean and maintain. One must be aware that matte tiles do not reflect light, so the bathroom needs to be well-lit.

3. Subway tiles

Subway tiles evoke contrasting opinions and many people think they are pretty ordinary. In 2023, with interesting & creative designs coming up, subway tiles are gaining popularity once again as top bathroom floor tiles. Exciting colors, hand-touched artisan styles and unique imaginative ideas make subway tiles a very powerful choice.

4. Wooden Tiles

Wood-finish tiles are fast emerging as one the best tiles for bathroom walls and flooring. Realistic wood finish tiles with a texture of maple wood, oak, cherry are the ones in demand. Herringbone decorative patterns can also be created with wood tiles. Porcelain tiles with wood finish can be the best tiles for bathroom walls and flooring as it offers high durability and resistance to dirt & moisture without affecting the overall aesthetics.

5. Hexagon Tiles

These tiles are time-tested and look great on bathroom walls. In the past, the trend was to use smaller-sized hexagon tiles on bathroom floors. However, in 2023, large size hexagon tiles have made their way on the walls, backsplashes, floors and even showers. Coming in different sizes, colors and textures, the hexagon tiles can help visually enlarge the space when combined with neutral colors.

6. Texture Tiles

Choosing texture tile is one of the most recommended bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. You can add variations, depth through colors and interesting surface choices to bathroom floors and walls. Depending on the selection of materials, finish and color, textures may appear thin and more pronounced.

There are several three-dimensional options also available that can add a touch of sensation to your bathroom.

7. Blooming Floral Tiles

Botanical design tiles are one of the popular options for bathroom floor tiles. Tiles with potted plants, floral patterns, cherry blossoms on bathroom walls can bring a sense of nature and calmness to your bathroom interiors.

8. Metal-finish Tiles

These tiles are one of the most exciting entrants in the tile market in recent times. The popularity of metal-finish tiles is skyrocketing and many people are using them in their bathrooms. They are shiny, reflective and give your bathroom a magnificent look and feel. Being new in the market, metallic tiles with various color combinations and finishes are gradually coming up.

With so many options available, one can get confused about selecting the best tiles for bathroom walls and floors. At Best Tiles and Flooring, we have seasoned professionals and experts who can help you select the perfect bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles, depending on the space available, your personal taste and budget.