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Types of Tiles for Your Bathroom Floor

There’s a soothing thing about having a stunning bathroom. In any case, bathroom design has limitations because of the need to manage a lot of water and the capacity to clean it. It requires deep cleaning by disposing of microorganisms, microscopic organisms and other undesirable bathroom gatherings. However, there are different types of tiles available that can prevent such an effort.

Likewise, tile is an incredible floor and wall bathroom material (despite the fact that there are some great tile options for bathroom showers). Tile repulses water and is not difficult to clean with strong cleaners to kill microbes, microorganisms, form and other things.

However, there isn’t only one sort of tile. There are numerous choices. This article sets out the most well-known types of tiles for bathrooms. You can then decide which ones are the best bathroom flooring tiles for your requirement.

7 Different Types of Tiles for Bathroom Floor

The right bathroom tiles have a significant effect on the vibe. It empowers you to make an unwinding and delightful space that genuinely mirrors your own style.

Here are the various types of tiles to know

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most mind-blowing types to use in a bathroom. It’s sturdy and simple to clean. It comes in bunches of accessible styles that fit your home’s plan. Unlike mosaic floor tiles, ceramic tiles are easy to work with. There are countless benefits to utilizing ceramic tiles on your deck or walls. In the first place, they’re truly reasonable, averaging 49 cents for every square foot and up. They come in lots of varieties and patterns that will make the bathroom an outstanding space.

2. Cement bathroom tile

Concrete tile, a relieved sand-and-mortar blend, is a non-vitreous tile with brilliant strength. It is much more powerful than laminate wood flooring. Some cement tiles look narrowly cut, while others sport smooth completions. You can likewise consider enormous types of bright, realistic patterns that say something on floors and walls.

3. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles are more impervious to stains than ceramic tiles. Be that as it may, they can be elusive while wet, making for a possibly dangerous bathroom floor. Be sure to utilize a mat or mat close to the latrine and shower if you install porcelain floor tiles. While these tiles are lovely, they will generally break as they age.

4. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is the most famous bathroom flooring material due to its minimal expense. Vinyl flooring Brampton is appropriate for each bathroom in the house, from the expert shower to the powder room. No doubt, it beats other famous types of tiles for well-being, solace, and sturdiness. Nearly as significant, the top tile store Brampton offers the best vinyl flooring Brampton to keep the bathroom in top-notch condition.

5. Marble tiles

While expensive, marble tiles add a moment of class and refinement to any room. On the off chance that you’re hoping to add magnificence to any kitchen or shower, setting down marble tiles quickly overhauls the space. Unlike mosaic bathroom tiles, it offers surface and depth, as it’s either designed or veined. You won’t ever have a similar piece. Marble requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking flawless. What’s more, similar to any stone, marble tile is vulnerable to scratches and stains as well as being hard to clean.

6. Glass Tiles

The stylish allure of a glass floor tile is twofold: Covering part of the floor in a slender layer of glass makes the deception of depth. Along with that, whenever colored, it offers a wonderful stained-glass impact. After installing properly, this type of tile holds up well — simply choose a reliable tile and finished glass to forestall slips. Small glass tiles with heaps of grout joints are likewise slip-safe.

7. Limestone Tiles

Limestone is an ideal decision for natural-toned design plans. Its unobtrusive shades of beige, brown and dark carry warmth to your bathroom. it feels delicate and agreeable while being durable. Limestone tiles from any tile store Brampton, should be installed very well to be utilized in bathrooms. It’s a permeable material in its regular state.


From laminate wood flooring and ceramic tiles to mosaic floor tiles and limestone tiles – there are more than 20 types of tiles that you can choose from. Bathroom tiles are an important investment. The above types of tiles are some of the best that you can install to make your bathroom look amazing.