Porcelain and Ceramic Tile in Outdoor Kitchens

Using Porcelain and Ceramic Tile in Outdoor Kitchens

Imagine basking in the sun or night sky while doing some barbeque and cooking to enjoy lunch or dinner with your loved ones? For all of these to actualize, you need an outdoor kitchen. It not only allows more living space outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature while enhancing the elegant sight of your outdoor kitchen with porcelain and ceramic floor tiles in Brampton. Due to fluctuating temperatures and various weathers, outdoor kitchen tiles must be water-resistant. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are water-resistant, while porcelain can withstand prolonged contact with freeze and snow.

Best Tiles and Flooring will introduce you to each subset of the large ceramic tile family along with their benefits so that you make the most aesthetic-looking outdoor kitchen ever.

Benefits and drawbacks of porcelain tiles for outdoor kitchen


  • Due to their low water absorption rates (less than 0.5 percent), they are stain proof and waterproof.
  • They are extremely resistant to UV fading.
  • The manufacturing process of porcelain tiles makes them perfect with increased density.
  • They are easier to maintain and clean than ceramic tiles.


More expensive than other ceramic tiles counterparts with prices ranging from $5- $30 per square foot.

Being heavier and harder, this makes the DIY installation process tougher, as it requires professional special tools to cut them and then install them.

Benefits and drawbacks of ceramic floor tiles Brampton for outdoor kitchen


  • The less expensive subset of ceramic tiles, with prices ranging from $1- $8 per square foot.
  • Lighter and easier to cut, making this the best DIY installation procedure.
  • Prevents the growth of germs and molds with little maintenance and cleaning.
  • These tiles come with anti-skid properties.


  • Easier to crack than porcelain tiles.
  • Outdoors where mud, dirt, and sand are bound to be underfoot, making ceramic tiles vulnerable to high traffic as they are less water-resistant than porcelain tiles.
  • As they are more porous, chances are high of water seeping through and dirt staining.

Where can you use these tiles?

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles for flooring: While choosing the best flooring options to use in the kitchen, the tiles must be in practical use all year round and aesthetically pleasing. You can go for stone-looking porcelain and ceramic tiles that blend well with outdoor surroundings, or concrete-looking ceramic tiles for low maintenance or terra cotta for mellow, earthy tones to invite relaxation, to jazz it up you can intermix it with colorful designer tiles from backsplash.
  • Countertops of outdoor kitchen: Porcelain tiles with their strength and UV resistance, can be used for kitchen countertops to resist expected weather changes all year round, falling off branches, heaving kitchen utensils, and decor. Gauzed porcelain tiles or marble-looking tiles are perfect for countertops as they are larger in size; making them look like larger slabs of natural stones.
  • Backsplash: From patterned, slat-looking to natural stone looking, you are spoilt for choices to define your backsplash. If your kitchen is against a patio wall, install the tiles all the way up the wall; and if the kitchen is against the building wall, then extend the tiles as high you want.
  • Outdoor stoves and oven: Porcelain or ceramic tiles do not cause smoke, burn or produce toxic fumes whether you install them in the conventional outdoor oven or pizza oven.
  • Swim-up bar: Combine your outdoor pool and kitchen with ceramic and porcelain tiles as they are water-resistant, fade-proof from chemicals and UV rays.


Outdoor kitchens are a rage in modern interior decoration with the crazy amalgamation of luxury and comfort, design, and inexpensive tiles to enhance the living area outdoors to enjoy and party with your loved ones. Best Tiles and Flooring with their host of experts will help you build the next magazine-worthy outdoor kitchen. For the best flooring tile stores near me or recommendations for outdoor kitchens, join our website today.