vinyl tiles vs ceramic tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles for Bathrooms – Which Should You Choose?

When the flooring is subject to moisture or any other staining agents, it is important to select the right type of flooring. The environment plays a big factor in choosing the flooring option. Any expert will not recommend solid wood carpeting or laminates for surfaces prone to moisture and exposed to liquids frequently. There are only two major flooring options to choose from – Vinyl and ceramic. In the choice of luxury vinyl tiles vs ceramic tiles, which is better suited?

The vinyl flooring is designed to replicate the look of stone or even ceramic tile. Vinyl floor tiles and ceramic tiles are entirely different substances, meaning they have no similar characteristics in terms of maintenance and real estate resale value.

The Significant Differences – Luxury Vinyl Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles in Mississauga

When it comes to luxury vinyl floor tiles in Mississauga, you must know that the material used here is sheet vinyl flooring. It is a fragile artificial product made from PVC plastic with a fibreglass backing layer and covered with a printed design layer and a transparent layer. The luxury vinyl floor tiles are generally cut into squares ranging from 9 to 18 inches.

People also consider installing luxury vinyl tile. This is because it is a much thicker form of vinyl flooring and joins together with perfect click-lock edges. Luxury vinyl is available in not only tile forms but also in plank forms. There has been a demand for luxury vinyl bathroom tiles as well from homeowners and interior designers.

There is no doubt you can also consider installing ceramic flooring in your bathroom. Still, you must know that ceramic tiles are made from natural earth clay mixed with other materials covered with a surface glaze and fired in ovens, so they are hardened. A specific type of porcelain ceramic tiles is made from more refined clays and is fired at maximum temperatures to make them durable.


Installing luxury vinyl tile is your best option if you want designer ceramic tile. Vinyl floors indeed come in different types of styles and colors. You can contact us to connect with experts and know the best vinyl tile options in Mississauga.

Installing ceramic flooring in your bathroom should be your go-to option if you want to explore different types of color styles. You will also pay a bit extra for designer tile forms.

If you are looking for designer ceramic flooring or vinyl flooring in Mississauga, please contact us for recommendations.

Water and heat resistance

Design experts suggest that vinyl and ceramic tiles are compatible with resistance and water because they are entirely waterproof materials.

Vinyl tile is completely synthetic and is entirely immune to water damage. Intense and direct heat can damage vinyl. It will melt and get scratched. Additionally, vinyl can release toxic acids. You can say that vinyl is perfectly waterproof, and there would be no problems.

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Care and cleaning

Tiles and ceramic tiles are pretty easy to clean. Regularly sweeping with just a little mopping using a mild solution is sufficient to care for your flooring materials. You can search for the best tiles and flooring shop near me to get your hands on the best ceramic tiles and vinyl.

Vinyl is one of the most accessible flooring materials when it comes to cleaning. Embossing texture in vinyl tile is generally minimum, and there are just a few seams between the tiles that capture the dirt. Additionally, vinyl tiles are pretty smooth, making it easy to sleep up the debris.


When you go to a shop looking for the best tiles and flooring, then the first thing you will consider is durability and maintenance. Vinyl tile has an expected lifespan of around 10 years if you are looking for regular use. It is a resilient material that is somewhat soft and susceptible to scratch. When you go for ceramic tile, it is generally pretty durable, and its lifespan is around 40 years or more.


You can consider the above-mentioned differences between luxury vinyl tiles vs ceramic tiles. It will help you decide which is the best bet for you. For further inputs and suggestions, please contact us today.