Top common myths about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has been around for years. It is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of the house. Many people now opt for laminate wood flooring Mississauga to give a shiny look to their rooms. Since it is made of recycled wood pressed with resins and other synthetic material, it provides great strength to the floorboard. That’s why many people confuse laminate flooring with hardwood.

While laminate flooring is the perfect option for several homes, it is surrounded by a lot of common myths. Many people consider it only an appealing flooring without any actual strength. Since vinyl flooring Mississauga is so popular, people are still skeptical about laminate flooring. However, it is a good option – one that is equivalent to that of vinyl flooring.

In this article, we will bust the common myths about laminate flooring. Whether you want mosaic floor tiles Mississauga, or vinyl or laminate flooring, each one of them has some myths. Let us look at the myths of laminate flooring in detail and see what’s the truth about them.

5 Most common myths about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is not just about the looks – it is durable and reliable as well. But since people are so used to vinyl flooring Mississauga, they do not look at any other options. Following are the common myths about laminate flooring, Mississauga, and the truth about them –

1. Laminate flooring is not strong

People think that laminate flooring only copies hardwood but doesn’t actually have similar strength. But the truth is that each panel of laminate tiles comprises 4 layers – the base, substrate, pattern, and wear layer. The bonded resins further strengthen the planks and make it last for years – just like the hardwood flooring.

2. Laminate appears to be cheap

Another misconception is that laminate flooring looks cheap. Now whether it’s mosaic bathroom tiles, Mississauga, or laminate flooring, cost is a variable factor. It offers so many different styles, textures, and patterns that it can easily deliver a high amount of sophistication. There are hardwood finishes, stone finishes, and other materials as well.

3. Laminate is just like Vinyl

Many people think that getting laminate tiles is equivalent to vinyl mosaic floor tiles Mississauga. But this is not the case. Anyone can spot the difference between vinyl and laminate. Laminate flooring is made of a rigid fibreboard with a design and wear layer. Vinyl flooring Mississauga comprises tiles that are made of flexible, water-resistant material. Since laminate tiles are not moisture resistant, they are not recommended in areas that receive heavy rainfall.

4. Laminate flooring is difficult to clean

Cleaning is a big factor in determining which tiles to install – and people may think that laminate flooring is difficult to clean. However, the truth is that they are extremely easy to clean using a mop or a vacuum. Laminate flooring is not like mosaic bathroom tiles Mississauga – they have a smooth finish and do not have any debris trapped under the surface. Periodically, a damp cloth can be used to clean the tiles, ensuring that the floor is clean and spotless.

5. Laminate is expensive

Laminate flooring often looks like natural material – so many people might get the idea that it is extremely expensive. But when compared to hardwood, laminate flooring Mississauga is actually affordable and reasonable. Even though it provides a beautiful and luxurious look, it is not overpriced and provides an extremely comfortable flooring. The maintenance is low-cost, which offers long-term durability of laminate flooring. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of flooring.

Laminate flooring often suffers from these misconceptions. But it is one of the best choices for people who want to enhance the appearance of their homes at an affordable cost.